Free Stage Entertainment

2018 Campbell County Fair

On The Free Stage


August 1st - 4th, 2018

All Aboard Train

Catch a ride on the All Aboard Train

Get the tour of all the great entertainment shows during the Campbell County Fair.

August 1st - 4th, 2018

AllAboard Train

Cartoon Bill

Stop by and visit with Cartoon Bill as he does his amazing caricatures.

Located in the Wyoming Center.

August 1st - 5th, 2018

Bubble Tower / Stilt Party

The squeals are deafening!  Not because the world's biggest bubble toy® is noisy, but because the kids and their parents are going nuts!


Located in the CAM-PLEX Plaza 

August 1st - 4th, 2018

Bubble Stilts creating bubbles for all ages to enjoy

Dachshund Races

...and the race is on...

Get your dachshund entered in the races at the Campbell County Fair.

Located in the south side of Energy Hall

August 4, 2018  2 p.m.

Freckle Farm Petting Zoo and Pony Rides

Located on the CAM-PLEX Plaza

August 1st - 4th, 2018


Laser Tag

Action Entertainment is back with laser tag in 2018.

Located in the CAM-PLEX Plaza

August 1st - 4th, 2018

Marshall Catch Band

Regardless of the eclectic inspirations and backgrounds of Marshall Catch, in this world, it has always been about the music itself.  And the music speaks.  The music is why we are here, talking about four otherwise unremarkable gentlemen who just happen to be from a place nobody ever heard of.  Guitarist, lead vocalist and songwriter Luke Lautaret puts just the right amount of raw emotion and depth into each phrase, and still sounds sincere enough to make you feel like he is singing the song for you, not him.  The other members, Aidan Foshay (Bass), Aaron Danreuther (Guitars & Harmony Vocals), and Jared Denney (Drums, Keyboards, & Harmony Vocals) feel the energy and together the band gallops through each song as though they were born for it.  


Located under the Free Stage tent

August 1st - 4th, 2018

Pierce Avenue Photo

Pierce Avenue

One could say Pierce Avenue is in perfect harmony. Made up of husband and wife Tony and Jaime Pierce, the duo has paired their love with their affinity for music, meshing their solo chops to create a soulful, southern-fringed sound unique to most up-and-coming Nashville hopefuls. Embracing their authentic country roots with twang and sass, the high-octane duo delivers high-energy performances laced with flawless harmonies that leave no doubt in the listener the two have become one.


Located on the Free Stage

August 1st - 4th, 2018


Powerhouse –  Combining brilliantly innovative tap, precision clogging and explosive stomp into “Percussive Dance”, Powerhouse is an electrifying dance experience that thrills audiences of all ages. Featuring the very best competitive dancers, these performers entertain from start to finish. Drawn in by the dancers’ amazing energy, incredible talent and great audience interaction, crowds can’t help but join in the fun of a Powerhouse performance.


Located at the Wyoming Center Stage

August 3rd - 6th, 2018

ph poster
Twinkle Time #1

Twinkle Time

Twinkle brings you her colorful, high energy pop concert fusing education, language, arts and pop culture into the hottest kid’s phenomenon to hit the Kid Space scene.


Located on the Wyoming Center Stage

August 1st - 4th, 2018

Stunt Jump

The Action Entertainment Stunt Jump is the most exciting way to enjoy your time at the fair! Take the chance to feel like a stunt professional by jumping off of either the 11ft or 20ft tall platform. Jumpers are caught by the Zero Shock stunt bag, which is designed to cushion and cradle when you land. Jumpers must be at least 5 years of age and 40lbs in order to jump off the 20ft platform, with no weight restrictions for the 11ft platform. All jumpers must have a signed waiver to jump, and minors require a parent’s signature.

Located on the Plaza

August 1st - 4th, 2018

Stunt Jump Photo
Comox show
Log rolling_2

West Coast Lumberjacks

West Coast Lumberjack Shows has been providing family
focused entertainment to Fairs, Festivals and special
events for more than 30 years. Since 1982, we have
traveled across Canada, the United States of America and internationally, entertaining and amazing audiences with our shows, which feature the traditional skills and work practices of the coastal British Columbia lumberjack. Add into the show the comedic antics of the lumberjacks, and the result is an entertainment experience that crowds continue to talk about long after your event has ended! While our primary goal is to entertain people with our shows, the secondary
purpose is to help educate people and remind people of the importance the forest industry had in shaping the early history of virtually all regions of North America. The lumberjack era has since passed, but the history and folklore remain strong.

Located on the Plaza.

August 1st - 4th, 2018

Wild Science

Engaging minds with hands-on STEM/STEAM fun!!

Take an excursion into the wild and amazing world of science through dozens of highly interactive, fun, and visually captivating displays and activities. Wild Science! encourages families and children to experience the mysterious and entertaining aspects of science and technology in a casual environment. Learning occurs through hands-on interplay, along with supporting signage and on-site educators.


Located in the Wyoming Center

August 1st - 5th, 2018