4-H Horse

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The 4-H member learns horse breeds, colors and markings, horse gaits, grooming and preparation for show, showing at halter, care of horse’s feet, horse training, and safety rules and precautions. This project teaches management, techniques related to nutrition, health, first aid, teeth and aging, in addition to horsemanship, fitting, showing, caring for tack and equipment, horse demonstrations and judging.

Members can own or lease one or more horses and be responsible for feeding, maintenance, grooming, and care. Ownership is not required – members learn through lessons in the manual, giving demonstrations and attending clinics and seminars.

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  • Learn about basic horse care
  • Identify parts of a horse
  • Learn breeds of horses
  • Learn the gaits of the horses
  • Understand horse reproduction parts
  • Learn about genetics and heredity of horses
  • Investigate horse diseases
  • Learn how to control parasites
  • Discover causes of colic
  • Learn the function of different horse tack


  • Learn the basics of trail riding
  • Check horse vital signs
  • Learn to mount and dismount safely
  • Etiquette to ride safely as a group
  • Communicate with your horse
  • Practicing horsemanship maneuvers
  • Improve your riding style 


  • Research and purchase show clothing
  • Improve a show horse's appearance
  • Improve your showmanship pattern
  • Riding patterns
  • Understanding the quarter's system
  • Evaluating ethics in competitive situations