Safety Certification

Wyoming 4-H requires youth to be safety certified on each horse with which they intend to compete with. The certification never expires, but it does need completed on each horse. For more information about the Wyoming 4-H Horse Safety Certification please visit: 

Safety certification can happen the first hour of Structured Ride times of when scheduled with a leader. There is no certifications at any other event. Contact the Extension Office for more details or with questions about safety certification. 

The above link 06262020 Safety Certifications, Horse Pictures and Horse IDs,is a dated file. This is the information that we have as of June 26, 2020. If there is an error; missing information or additional information that is not listed, please contact the Extension office and let us know. If you have a highlighted GREEN box or BLUE box, we are missing that information. If nothing is highlighted, then you are good to go.