Court Ordered Payments

Processing Payments

Though we cannot give legal advice, this office will not refuse to process any payment for which there is a current order to pay through this office, provided the method of payment is acceptable.

Child Support

Unless specifically court ordered, all payments should be paid through the office of the Clerk of District Court. Child support payments that are made before 3pm are processed the same day. If you are receiving child support you have options as to how you receive your payment (check, direct deposit, reliacard). The form for direct deposit/reliacard can be found at the Clerk of District Court office. Please contact our office with questions you may have about this.

Fines & Restitution

Individuals who are sentenced by this court on criminal charges will be ordered to make fine and restitution payments through this office. Restitution and fine payments are normally processed within one working day of receipt.

Civil Garnishments

Monies collected on writs of garnishment will be held for ten days before the funds are sent to the garnishor.

Guardian ad Litem Fees

The court may order the parties in a custody or paternity cases to pay the fees of a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem (GAL). The order may state that these fees are to be deposited with the Clerk of District Court. These fees are deposited in a non interest-bearing account, and fees are paid when a statement of costs is received from the GAL. Funds which remain in the account after the GAL has been paid will be refunded to the paying parties. If the GAL costs and fees exceed the amount in the account, the court will order the parties to pay the balance.