Early Age Intervention

About the Program

The Early Age Intervention Program is a voluntary program offered to youth between the ages of 5-12, who are identified as at-risk youth. Youth participating in the Early Age Intervention Program do not need a pending criminal offense to enroll in the program. They must meet eligibility requirements to be accepted into the program.

The purpose of the Campbell County / City of Gillette Early Age Intervention Program is to hold youthful offenders accountable for criminal, delinquent, and destructive behaviors. This is accomplished by intervening at home, school, and socially with the youth to bolster academic performance and self-esteem, increase community safety, and strengthen the family unit.

Why Early Age?

  • A child in the Early Age Intervention Program has the opportunity to curtail unhealthy and delinquent thinking patterns before they turn into criminal behavior.
  • Early Age provides interaction with youth and parents in the home on a weekly basis. These visits focus on parenting and communication within the entire family unit.
  • The program provides teachers and principals with on-site problem solving with youth during school hours.
  • Early Age Intervention Officer works on parenting skills with families and refers families to outside agencies, if appropriate.
  • The program allows youth to experience positive role modeling and supervision.

Words From Those Involved

"Early Age Intervention is the best program I have seen for youthful offenders. The program identifies potential at-risk children and provides them with positive role models, education, and guidance necessary to succeed.”
-Randy Monk (Former Gillette Police Department)

“I’m not as physical as I was, and I’m nicer to my sister.”
-Paul (Early Age youth)

“As a school counselor I deal with students whose lives are unbelievably complicated and difficult. I often feel that we cannot do enough for them. Early Age Intervention fills the gap that is left between school and home.”
-Rita Lubnau (Sunflower Elementary)

“The Diversion Program provides a valuable resource for Early Age Intervention that stops criminal aggression.”
-Ric Paul (Former Chief Gillette Police Department)

“The Early Age Program fills a gap for those that are too young to meaningfully understand the court process.”
-Charlene Edwards (Deputy County Attorney)