Teen Intervention

The Teen Intervention Program is a voluntary program designed for youth 12 to 17 years of age who are exhibiting defiant and out-of-control behaviors such as skipping school, alcohol or controlled substance use, and disrespectful behavior toward parents and/or school personnel. The program works on the following areas:
  • Bolstering academic performance and self esteem
  • Increasing community safety
  • Modifying behavior through interventions in the home and school
  • Strengthening the individual and the family unit

Issues to Look For

Observe whether or not your teen has any of the following issues:
  • Change in attitude, behaviors, or friends
  • Defiant behaviors
  • Poor grades and school attendance
  • Running away or sneaking out
  • Suspected drug or alcohol use
If so, the Teen Intervention Program may be able to help!

Requirements of Teen Intervention

  • Abide by a curfew and other requirements of the teen intervention contract
  • Attend corrective thinking classes
  • Complete assigned community service hours
  • If necessary, have parent(s) involved in counseling, parenting classes, and home visits
  • Must maintain passing grades and regular attendance at school
  • Pay restitution and submit an apology letter to the victim of the crime, if applicable
  • Urinalysis screens and treatment, if needed
Acceptance into the program is by referral from teachers, principals, or parent / guardian. If interested in the program, contact the Teen Intervention Office at 307-687-6311.