The Campbell County Landfill is located 11 miles north of Gillette on North Highway 59. See the North Landfill Location map for directions.    
Scale house

Upon arriving at the landfill, pull onto the inbound scale closest to the scale house, see Site Map and Lane Use for more information. The attendant will direct you to the appropriate dump site. As you proceed to the designated dumping area, watch for the distinct Signage to help guide you the correct location. 


Make sure you tarp or strap your loads before heading to the landfill. There is a $25 fee for residential loads and a $50 fee for commercial loads arriving at the landfill with an unsecure load. See Dumping Guidelines for more information.

Fee waived dumping for Campbell County residents.  Each valid residential address in Campbell County can receive up to twelve (12) subsidized dumps per year. See fee waived dumping program for more details.  We encourage you to pre-register your address for this program.