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A Story Nearly Told: Histories of a Wyoming Homestead


The Campbell County Rockpile Museum is pleased to announce a presentation and book signing by Christine Scoggan Gillette.  Mrs. Gillette, the niece of the late Olive Marquiss, and Dick and Lucille Dumbrill, has written a history of the Dumbrill Ranch in Weston County.  Using memoirs and letters, the author gives us a glimpse into this family’s experiences homesteading on the Wyoming prairie, starting in 1910.

Christine Scoggan Gillette is a fourth-generation teacher whose passion for literature and writing began at the University of California at Davis, where she earned her undergraduate degree in English and German.  She later enrolled at Iowa State University, earning a Master of Arts degree in modernist poetry.  From there, she moved to Colorado, where she would meet her future husband, Michael, and begin another round of graduate school at the University of Denver.  She eventually earned a Ph.D. from the University of Denver with specialties in Victorian literature and rhetoric and composition.  Her dissertation, Painting in the Margins: Women Artists and Evangelical Ideology in Nineteenth-Century Novels, was published in 2010.  Christine taught college-level writing and literature courses at several universities, including ten years at Arizona State University, before a job transfer brought the family home to Colorado.  Most recently, she has been teaching English at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  When not at work, Christine is most likely to be found hiking with the family dog, skiing, volunteering (often at a horse rescue), reading, or indulging a love of music by attending concerts and other musical events with her husband and children.  

A Story Nearly Told