Community Gardens

There are three community gardens in Campbell County. These gardens are open to the public to rent a garden space for the growing season. This is a great opportunity for those people who do not have the space to have a garden of their own. This is a great place to meet and enjoy the company of other fellow gardeners in the area. All gardens have different sized plots and range in prices so please see below for more details.

Coal Country Community Garden

Where: Wright, behind city parks building
Plot Prices: Approximately 200 sq ft $15.00
Approximately 400 sq ft $25.00
Raised Beds: Approximately 20 sq ft $10.00
Approximately 30 sq ft $15.00

North Community Garden

Where: 1st and Rohan, Gillette
Plot Prices: 240 sq ft $35.00
480 sq ft $70.00
Hoop House (6 plots, 1 per family) : $25.00
Raised Beds (only 3, 1 per family) : $25.00

Prairie Community Garden
Where: Gillette College Tech Center
Plot Prices: Handicap Accessible Bed (only 1) $25.00
Hoop House Plot (Only 6) $25.00
Low Tunnel Plots (Only 6) $25.00
Approximately 256 sq ft $30.00