• Youth wrestling tournament
  • Woman playing the violin during a concert
  • View of large kitchen
  • View from above a convention
  • Vendors and merchandise set up at a convention
  • Tables set up in the hallway
  • Tables set up in front of RV show
  • Setting up for a show
  • Setting up for a concert
  • Ring being set up in the center
  • People walking around a convention
  • People standing on concourse above hockey rink
  • Large truck unloading equipment inside the center
  • Large crowd dining
  • Large animal taxidermy exhibits at a competition
  • Large amount of chairs set up for 2009 ceremony
  • Hallway outside of center entrences
  • Guitar player palying to front row of crowd
  • Enthusiastic crowd reacting to an act on stage
  • Crowd watching a rodeo
  • Commercial cooking facilities
  • Circular tables set up around a dance floor for an
  • Chairs set up for a ceremony
  • Booths set up at a convention
  • Band members playing on stage
  • ATVs and booths set up at a convention

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