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1. Can I still dump for free at the landfill once it is moved north?
2. I hear operations are moving to the North Landfill. Where is the North Landfill?
3. Will I be able to drop anything off at the South Landfill on Westover Road, or does everything have to go to the North Landfill?
4. If I pull onto the scale at the North Landfill with an un-tarped load, will I be charged an extra fee or just warned?
5. How can I pay for my garbage at the North Landfill if I am not eligible for a fee-waived dump?
6. How many scales are there at the North Landfill?
7. What are the hours at the North Landfill? What about the South Landfill and CARE facility?
8. When do the new hours go into effect for the CARE Center?
9. If I am a residential customer, step me through the process for using the fee-waived program?
10. Do you take yard waste?
11. What items are not covered under the “free dump” policy?
12. How do I get information on recycling?
13. Do you accept non-friable asbestos?
14. Do you accept friable asbestos?
15. Do you accept petroleum contaminated soils (PCS)?
16. What can I do with my household chemicals (paint, cleaners, insecticides, etc.)?